Wish List

How can you help?

Donations for the Anderson School Project can be sent to the Madison County Schools central office in care of the MC Education Foundation.

Help is needed for these projects:

Upgrade step railings
Install security light
Finish downstairs storage space
Insulate, seal, and secure storage, including plywood under the insulation
Additional land for parking needed

Contributions Needed to Pay for the Windows

Front Window – 4 still available
Cost of a full window $1,715.00
Cost of a half window $857.50

Back Window – 7-1/2 still available
Cost of a full window $728.00
Cost of a half window $364.00

Completed Projects

Thanks to your generous support, and the hard work of our volunteers, these projects have been completed.

Interior Restoration
Insulation $4,000 – Completed!
New Bead Board Walls and Ceilings $14,000 – Completed!
New Floors $10,200 – Completed!
Paint Interior $2,500 – Completed!
Remove Asbestos Tiles $3,000 – Completed!

Exterior Improvements
Concrete Stairs and Ramp $5,000 – Completed!
New Septic System $5,000
New Water Supply $1,600
New Plumbing Fixtures $7,500
Electric Water Cooler $1,500
New Electrical Service $14,000 – Completed!
New HVAC $10,000 – Completed!

Shell Restoration – Completed!
Rear Addition Framing, Foundations, and Siding $20,000 – Completed!
New Doors $2,500 – Completed!
Exterior Siding, Trim, and Paint $6,000 – Completed!
New Windows $26,000 – Completed!

Please send donations to:
Madison County Schools
c/o MC Education Foundation
5738 Hwy. 25/70, Marshall, NC 28753

Please indicate that your donation is for the
Historic Mars Hill Rosenwald School Project.

Financial support and donations of time and/or materials are greatly appreciated.
Please contact David Wyatt for more details.