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Each of us has an opportunity to perpetuate the legacy of those members of the Long Ridge Community who valued education enough to give what they could in the 1930s. Now it is up to us to continue the legacy.

The historic Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School

The historic Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School

By contributing to the current project of rehabilitating the building, we will not only preserve the school but also provide a Community Center as a useful site for programs, crafts, and a museum, complete with displays to educate children about their heritage.

Help us preserve this historic landmark.
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Please send donations to: Madison County Schools
c/o MC Education Foundation
5738 Hwy. 25/70, Marshall, NC 28753

Please indicate that your donation is for the
Historic Mars Hill Rosenwald School Project.

Financial support and donations of time and/or materials are greatly appreciated.
Please contact David Wyatt for more details.