Our Story, This Place Notated History Book

Plans are underway to publish a Notated History of the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School. This is the 4th draft of the book created by Friends of the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School and the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School History Committee.


The Legacy

In 1912 Booker T. Washington, prominent educator and proponent of the power of self-help, approached Julius Rosenwald, president of Sears, Roebuck, and Co., with his idea of building schools for African-American children in the rural South. Rosenwald had already demonstrated his interest in supporting building programs by offering matching grants for construction of African-American Y.M.C.A’s.  Continue Reading »


African-American Families of School-Age Children 1930 & 1940

Federal Census 1930 for Madison County, North Carolina Number denotes number of children, ages 6-21 in the household (Spellings by Census Taker) MARS HILL: Coon, Doug/Sarah … 2 Henson, John … 5 Young, Ruth … 3 Rooker, Clersie … 3 Hampton, Jim/Essie … 5 McDowekk, Ullis/Dosha … 3 Barnett, Oliver/Viola … 6 Ray, Nate/Emma … 5  Continue Reading »


Madison Meets its Obligation – News-Record, August 27, 1964

News-Record, August 27, 1964


Mars Hill Negroes Seek New School – News-Record, April 9, 1964

News-Record, April 9, 1964


Did Yancey County Students Attend the Mars Hill Colored School In the 1950s?

Madison County Board of Education Minutes of July 2, 1956 state, “The Board voted to accept negro elementary school children from Yancey County under provisions of agreement to be worked out by the Superintendent. It was specified that Yancey County must bear the initial expense of converting the building to a two classroom unit and  Continue Reading »


The Vision of Dr. Booker T. Washington & Mr. Julius Rosenwald

In the 1900s, Dr. Booker T. Washington, world reknowned educator and founder of the Tuskegee Institute, knew that early education was needed for children of color. Due to Booker T’s personal sojourn, determination and passion for education, a vision was born and a destiny was put into play. Dr. Washington and Mr. Julius Rosenwald, president  Continue Reading »


Illustrated & Notated History

This history overview is shared for input, corrections, or additions by alumni, members of the community, and friends of the Mars Hill Rosenwald School Project.  


Historical Notes 1905-1927

Submitted by Dan Slagle, March 6, 2012 Covers the purchse of the land in 1905 to the payment made to build the school in 1927.    


The Story of Joseph Anderson

Rough research, 1999-2010, by Richard Dillingham The legend of Joe comes to us from oral tradition, both white and black. The legend was first published in 1907, again in the 1930’s, and in McLeod’s college history, From These Stones in 1956/68. The script for BONDED, a video of the legend of Joe, is historical fiction.  Continue Reading »