September 2022 Meeting

Friday, September 16, 2022, is our 3rd Friday meeting date. We will meet at 10:00 am.

During this meeting, we will be finalizing the details for the Wednesday program and tidying up the school just a bit. This will be our last official meeting of the Friends as a rehabilitation, volunteer group.

At a time to be determined by the Friends, we will meet to review our Strategic Plan and look at other loose ends. If David’s health permits, we will be spending a week on the Outer Banks, October 17-24. Perhaps, the Friends, the Central Office Staff and the BOE can schedule a “retreat” to develop plans for moving forward.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone and I must admit, I have been a little teary eyed typing this email. To David and I, the Friends have become our extended family. We will always cherish our friendship with the Friends.

Take Care and Be Safe,