Timeline for Education in Madison County Area

1793-1832 – Old Buncombe County “Old Field Schools,”1 Madison County Area
(Log school buildings erected in worn-out farm fields)

1833 – Yancey County Established, included Madison County Area

1840-1850 – Buncombe/Yancey County “Common Schools,” including Madison.
(NC statewide free public schools for whites)2

1851 – Madison County Established

1856-1859 – French Broad Institute/Mars Hill College3

1860s – Madison County “Subscription Schools”
(Parents subscribed to pay teacher with corn, wheat, or ham)

1870s – Peabody Schools in Madison County
(Grantville, Forks of Ivy; Pleasant Hill, Mars Hill; Laurel Branch)4

1874 – Free Public Schools in Madison County
(20 white schools and 1 black school)5

1887-1909 – Northern Presbyterian Schools in Madison County6

1900s-1920s – Secondary Education in Madison County
Marshall High School; Hot Springs High School; Walnut High School; Laurel High School; Spring Creek High School; Ebbs Chapel High School; Beech Glen High School; Mars Hill High School

1965 – Integration of Madison County Schools7

1974-1975 – Madison County High School8

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