Alumni & Family News – Vol 1 No. 1

Together we are on a mission, a mission to sustain our histories based in and around our Long Ridge School, Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School, its history, and therefore the history of all who attended and all who were impacted.

There is a richness in history, and when I think about the story of our school, it embraces this richness and it embodies a soulfulness.

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As time has passed, much has transpired among the families of MHARS and with the physical building. This Newsletter is to update you with all of the changes, and includes the following:

• Our Alumni/ae

• Our Connections: Madison County Board of Education (owner of the historic property), National Historic Registry, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Madison County Tourism Development Authority (TDA), NC Dept. of Natural & Cultural Resources, US Dept. of the Interior, PAGE (Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education: see below)

• Collaborations and Future Programs

• Membership in MHARS Friends Group

• Remembering those we have lost

• Dr. Will Hoffman, Superintendent, Madison County Schools

• Commemorative Window Project

• Facility Rehabilitation/Renovation

Link to pdf file: Alumni & Family News – Vol 1 No. 1