Planning Committee Meeting Notes – 7/13/2018

Meeting participants: Willa, David, Fatimah, Richard, Lauren



  • Fatimah received an email from PAGE to do an interview; will try to do the interview and include Sarah Hart
  • Communications: original goal was send out a packet each month; next one will be an update letter
    • 2 years ago there was list of possible uses of the building
    • Wants to make an ask for how folks can contribute (time, skills…)
    • Will Include contact info


Income to date: $108,869.25 + $11k (BOE allocation/funds in Board of Education budget)

Expenditures to date: $94,121.34

Balance: $14,747.11 + $11k (BOE allocation/funds in Board of Education budget)


  • David and Dan met with a flooring contractor this morning, will give a quote. He’s very interested in the building. Volunteer work is still an option.
  • Wall underneath is the next focus; Don Merry (sp?) is ready to start on the wall.
  • Chimney is ready for re-installation. A pot-belly stove has been donated; David has liner/piping.
  • Plan is to get Scott to write the detailed specs to complete everything. We will then take the specs to the school system to put out the bids and handle project completion.
  • Need to get in touch with the environmental group for the septic system and French Broad EMC re: the possible donation of a mini-split system from its manufacturer.
  • Jessie (???) works on grants/cost-share (75% cost-share grant; can be in-kind donation) with Madison Soil & Water to get funds for a French drain around the building. Would water/irrigate the historic gardens. She would come up with a design. Would like to have the school be a host site for summer programming.
  • David had someone approach him who wants to do something in the honor of some of the school’s alumni.
  • For the next couple of work days, the focus will be on sprucing up the grounds before homecoming.


  • Kevin Watkins (did study on Yancey County school integration) and A&T History Professor may visit sometime soon
  • Plans for Grand Opening
    • Sept 6-8, 2019 is the first full weekend in September; will be homecoming weekend
      • Sept 6: larger public event
      • Sept 7: Alumni focus
      • Sept 8: Mt Olive’s homecoming
    • Need to work on getting a list of invitees (beginning list by next meeting). Email Richard if needed —
      • Willa: Madison Co. Education; Individuals on programs;
      • David: Madison County in general (Mars Hill Town, County officials)
      • Ray: regional, state, etc VIPs
      • Les: Mars Hill University
      • Fatimah: Alumni
      • Dan: facilities, grounds, logistics for programs (shuttle buses)
    • Plans for Soft Opening
      • Dan needs to confirm that it’s OK to mow


  • Building Use Application from Madison Schools — need to have discussions about uses for the school
  • Need to do a census of the new community residents to inform them of the school and its plans
  • Aug 12, 2018: Kim Leatherwood from the AVL & Buncombe Co. Preservation will do a site visit in preparation for a program on Nov 9, 2019 for 150 individuals
  • Kerry L. Hoffman wishes to join the Friends group