April 2018 Workdays

The next workday takes place Saturday, April 28th. We’ll work 9 a.m. to 12 noon, take an hour for lunch, and continue work from 1-4 p.m. Come share some quality time with us in the morning or afternoon shifts (or both). Les has volunteered to supply lunch, so please let Dan know by Friday the 27th if you can come.

Tasks we hope to accomplish:

  • move dirt from under new building addition. use shovel and garden rake.
  • spread that dirt around building where needed. same tools as above.
  • remove trash materials from inside and outside building.
  • scrape loose paint from chimney and north wall bead board. paint scraper or wire brush.
  • put removed bead board and other materials in a storage location.

Again, please let me know by Friday the 27th if you will be there, drslagle1@gmail.com. Need a head count for lunch purposes.


A great big THANK YOU to Richard, Wallace, Les, Willa and David for the hard work Saturday, April 14. We dug and moved 5.78 tons of dirt. Well, maybe not quite that much. . . 😉

The next earth moving day will be Wednesday, April 18, beginning at 10. Come on out if you can!


The next work day at the school will begin at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 14th. Our plan is to dig and remove dirt from under the new addition to create a storage area. Handy tools would be shovels, pick mattocks, garden rakes, or anything to break up hard packed red clay dirt.

We have one garden tiller, but if you have a front-tine tiller available, it would help. If you plan on coming out to pitch in, please let Dan Slagle know, drslagle1@gmail.com.