Planning Committee Meeting Notes – 4/14/2017

Meeting Participants: Willa, David, Charity, Pauline, Edwin, Fatimah, Les, Lauren



Fatimah mailed approx. 60 letters to alumni, letting them know about both the Asheville and Mars Hill meetings. She also is trying to get email addresses; will only send out emails as events pop up (work days, meetings, etc.). Except for Fatimah, no other alumni attended the last Asheville meeting. Fatimah is working on getting more alumni to attend both the Asheville and Mars Hill meetings; she recommended holding some of the Alumni meetings at the school in Mars Hill and including food and music. The Asheville meetings are usually held the 4th Friday of the month; this could factor in to the low attendance; may move some of the meetings to the weekend. The next Asheville meeting is scheduled for April 28 at 3pm at the Lee Stephens Center and will be held on the same date as the board development meeting in Charlotte. The goal is to get more people to attend the alumni meeting in May.

Omar sees alumni at his place of work. The last time many alumni showed up was at ground breaking. Les reiterated Fatimah’s recommendation that we could move the alumni meetings to the school now that it is summer. Willa suggested that we could move wood chairs from the Mars Hill Baptist Church.

Lauren hasn’t made much progress on the excel spreadsheet with friends/supporters contact info; she will try to complete the sheet by the next planning committee meeting.

Next planning committee meeting will be held on Friday, May 12 at the I-26 Welcome Center. We will bring panels to serve as a kiosk. Will try to eventually purchase a pull out/roll out display that is easier to use while traveling. Panels may cost $200-300 each. Need to get them printed. Ryan has the graphics; we need to get them transferred to a thumb drive.

OLLI program is planned for September 2017; the program coordinator wants to have a live music element in the presentation. Do we want to offer a similar experience during the Blue Ridge College event on May 17? The program coordinator for Blue Ridge College mentioned that there will be a 95-year old person who attended the Rosenwald School in Hendersonville who will go to one of the sessions. We need to final the Blue Ridge College presentation during the May 12 planning committee meeting. There’s two sessions for the Blue Ridge event:

  • 10-12: life long learning class
  • 1-3: open to the public

We need to get a copy of the video interviews from Ryan for the Blue Ridge College event. We may also want to have to video available during the May 12 event at the I-26 Welcome Center for its Tourism Day Celebration.



David mentioned there’s approximately $24k in funds available. We have enough for the doors, rough in, and siding for the addition. Following this, we could do plumbing, electrical, insulation, and then close up the walls and finish the bead board. The committee agreed to order 2 new doors of the type we need and get them from Mars Hill Hardware. Jimmy Willis may be able to some materials free to charge.

With regards to lighting, the first room will be original in character and will use either a ceramic fixture with bulb. Omar’s brother would remember if it’s pull-chain or operated by a switch. Track/high-tech lighting would be used in the other rooms. Les is going to a museum conference and will get brochures from lighting companies.

Willa mentioned that the railing needs to be permanently fixed; the back wall needs to be shored up. David reviewed the financial report and noticed that we’ve paid more than 60% of the funds may not be at same point of having work complete. Will work with Mars Hill Hardware to settle progress.

Les had a question about lead-based paint and if it is OK to have volunteers work around it. Willa will check with her son Clarke regarding regulations and see what kind of info we can get from Scott.



  • Dan scheduled a workday for the past Saturday; not sure who was in attendance.



  • Charity’s outpatient surgery is scheduled for May 23
  • The registration has been paid for the Board development training on April 28. Willa and David will travel separately from the group and probably won’t take the church van. List of maybe attending: Les, Fatimah, Lauren, Omar, Dan, Richard, Oralene. If you plan to attend, send an email to Willa by April 21.
    • The purpose of the training is to work on the 1st steps in developing an official board. The homework assignment before attending is having a vision statement with three objectives. Willa mentioned that we already have a vision statement drafted from the last meeting we attended.
  • For the event at the I-26 Welcome Center, Willa will have fans made and brochures printed. The school system can handle the printing needs of the group. Simone is working on updating the pictures on the brochures. May use Value Print (Mars Hill) to handle this initial job.
  • Fatimah has been working with a friend at SHEville magazine; may be able to get a link to the school’s page on its website.