Planning Committee Meeting Notes – 11/10/2017

Meeting Participants: Willa, David, Fatimah, Richard, Pauline, Edwin, Charity, Les, Lauren


Fatimah visited the Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. They did a good job of displaying her grandfather’s jacket as a part of its train exhibit. Willa asked if there’s an update on getting the school’s copy of the Rosenwald documentary. Fatimah will follow up. The director may have added more footage.


Income from OLLI: $200; all bills to date have been paid. See agenda for details

Contributions to date: $108,419.29

Expenditures to date: $86,548.64

Balance: $21,870.61

Need to send a gentle reminder for window fund for those who have not paid in full yet. Michael has the contract part on file. Status of plaques: window frames need to be completed before the plaques are purchased.


Exterior doors are stained. Soon, door pane will be painted. Dennis King (president at AB Tech) visited the school recently and mentioned that the school’s construction program may be able to work on interior and electrical – but not plumbing. Mike Griffin has volunteered to do the plumbing free of charge. We need an underpinning crew to work on the supports. The handrails can be done by the AB Tech Madison campus’s welding program. The teacher of the course is from the area; the school would have to provide the materials and an honorarium.


Willa/David to the Madison County School board members as there are state funds available to use for the project. Just need to work with superintendent when Dr. Cosby when he returns from medical leave.


Willa mentioned that we need to get history booklet updated with new pictures. We will print the updated booklet at the Central Office. Ryan has taken new pictures, just need to follow up when he returns from his honeymoon/vacation. There are some brochures at the I-26 Welcome Center. Richard recommended that the history committee look at the narrative updates to brochure.

Fatimah commented on the draft National Register nomination form. Wanted to know if we could add more names of the school to the narrative, names that the locals used for the school. Willa noted that one interested finding the consultant revealed the school was built as a 1-room school (based on dimensions) as it was not large enough officially to be a 2-room school. Richard recommended we have further discussion about this finding as the “industrial room” may have served as a back-up room.

Willa requested that we all review the draft nomination form. Because it is very long, we will work on having copies printed at the Central Office for those who need it.

Willa went to Madison Middle School’s Veteran Day celebration. Some of the teachers did not know about the school. She plans to reach out the school system, so there can be a teacher day at the school in February. Lauren recommended also reaching out to the principle at Barnardsville Elementary School.


We have 32 individuals signed up. Les can only accommodate 22 people at a time in the museum. Should consider dividing the group into two. Willa will bring some old wooden chairs from Madison Baptist Church – maybe 4 dozen. The church is giving them away. Les and Willa will have pamphlets. Richard will gather info so that participants can also do the self-guided tour of the historic quad if they wish.


The next meeting on Dec 8 will focus on reviewing grant/available funding opportunities. Willa will find some space in the Mars Hill area.