Minutes from Friday, July 1, 2016

Anderson Rosenwald Project Planning Committee Meeting

The Anderson Rosenwald Project Planning Committee met on Friday, July 1, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in the basement fellowship hall of Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Attending were: David & Willa Wyatt, Richard Dillingham, Dan Slagle, Omar McClain, Fatimah Shabazz, Dorothy Rapp, Charity Ray, Les Reker, and Simone Bouyer.

Willa welcomed everyone to the meeting. She distributed copies of the agenda, the budget, and minutes from the May 13 meeting. Only three people attended last months meeting, Fatimah, Omar and Willa. The Asheville meeting that was to be held in June conflicted with a Womansong concert. The next meeting will be held on August 12. There is no meeting scheduled for July 8. The July 1 meeting is a combination of the June and July meetings.

Minutes: Corrections to the minutes from May 2016 Asheville meeting: Lay-away plans for the windows have been created. Correcte date for the meeting was May 27. The steps and the ramp at the school have not been installed. Plans are underway for their installation. Some of the siding has been installed. The windows have not been painted. Fatimah and Omar presented the history of our school at the Jewish Film Festival. Both David & Willa met with attendees after the film. Our non-profit status is through the Madison County Education Foundation. Open house at our school will be held during homecoming weekend. With a motion form Richard and a seond from Omar, the corrected minutes were approved.

Construction: The new home near the school is planning to have a road go from south main directly to the home. Two homes have right of ways past the school. Heavy trucks did damage the road, which is now a bit lower. David reports that the painter said no due to the windows. He is getting an estimate from another painter. They need to follow preservation requirements. He talked with Daryl Boone about water and septic tank status. Painting, steps, doors and ramp need to be installed. Siding needs to be installed. The target date is Labor Day. John Teeter will donate a small dorm refridgerator. The Boy Scouts found another project to work on.

Fundraising: David shared good news; Pepsi Cola made a donation of $2,500. David is pursuing other avenues. Dr. Lunsford thought MHU had contributed for a window. The total cost of a window is $1,715. MHU should honor Charity and Joe Anderson. Les thinks MHU has $500 budgeted for the donation. Les and Richard will meet with Joy Kish. Dorothy Coon should also be recognized. Who can honor her? Dorothy cleaned local houses. Joyce Anderson already gave $500. Chairty could ask local families. Six windows are available for funding. Four windows have been funded. The deadline to apply for the Blue Ridge National Grant is in October. Willa plans to request funding for headsets. Les will lookup prices for headsets. Funds must be used within 15 months. This is a matching grant, dollar for dollar. We will discuss at the August meeting. Nice stands are needed for displaying the panels. Michael at madison County Schools has been keeping up with our finances. We are grateful for his help. The new school superintendent is Todd Holden.

Alumni: Fatimah says the Facebook page has many likes. We need to connect with those followers and invite them to join our mailing list. Simone will meet with Fatimah to go over the list. Ideas are needed on igniting support from the alumni to fund the windows. She has called and sent letters to alumni. Only Mrs. Gardenheight has responded; she purchased the small front window. Oralene Simmons plans to purchase the small back window. Alumni are Charity’s age. Richard suggested creating a statement sheet to send to alumni. Charity, the preacher, Dorothy, ect., could make a statement about why they support the school rehabilitiation project. These statement letters could be sent to the families of alumni, their children and grandchildren. Family stories are needed!

Willa read a letter from Brenda Staton, neice of Effie Koon. She lives in Tampa, Florida and has relatives buried at Mt. Olive. She visited the school on June 16. She may join our group. We need to keep sharing the story of the school. Oralene will follow up with contacts at MHU. Les will interview Edith Stokely-Hampton. The French Broad EMC’s donation was made to honor her. She attended the school.

History: Dan has nothing new to report. A workshop was held on June 20 by the NC Preservation Consortium. The cost was $75 to attend. Fee was paid by Madison County schools. The workshop was on preserving historic buildings. The speaker was the same fellow who made the preservation video. The day included a tour to the Smith McDowell house in Asheville. They looked at priorities and examined the structure for upkeep.

Marketing: The brochure needs to be updated to include new pictures of the school with the new windows. Could show before and after pictures. Fatimah has a photo of her mother, Mrs. Wilson, in front of the school. Willa will ask Madison County Schools to print copies of the updated brochure. Les’s interviews with David and Willa, Fatimah and Omar, and Edith need to be added to the website.

The fish fry takes place on July 4. Can smaller copies be made of the large history panels to show at local events? They could be shown at the libraries. Dorothy will mention Rosenwald as a possible library topic. She will coordinate with Melanie.

Looking Ahead: The installation of the ramp is a priority for tours. Volunteers are needed for filling the trench around the foundation. The rest of the beadboard needs to be removed from the ceiling. Help is needed with the siding and insulation. Steve Honeycutt will check to see if the Baptist Men’s group can help. Willa will present a one-page mini proposal to Home Depot and Lowes for insulation. A grant will also be submitted to the State Employees Credit Union. Blown-in insulation can be used at the north end of the buliding. Removing the bead board ceiling is hot and dirty work. Help is needed pulling nails. A work day is needed. Dan will schedule one for Monday or Thursday. The front corner of the bulding is out of plumb. New flooring is needed in the front. Used flooring could be used. Fatimah has had the piano tuned. A presentation is planned for Blue Ridge Community College for 2017. The Rosenwald film could be screened. The goal is to host an open house September 5-7 during homecoming weekend. Charity likes that we are moving forward!

Other News: Les reported that Cameron Huntly was killed in Kenya. Cameron wrote the article that was published in 2015 on our school for the Mountain Xpress. He was a very gifted writer. A memorial service was held at the Sullivan King Mortuary in Anderson, SC. Cameron was 26 years old. Our group sent a check for $100 to the mission program Cameron supported, and one of the note cards featuring Charity’s painting of the school. Photos from Les will be added to the website.

Don Locke passed in June. He sat on the A-B Tech board and was a strong supporter of diversity and a financial supporter of our school.

The meeting adjourned at 12:12 p.m.

The Friends of the Mars Hill Anderson Rosenwald School will meet again Friday, August 12 at 10 a.m. in the basement fellowship hall of Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Respectfully submitted,
Simone Bouyer