Minutes from August 2016

August 12, 2016

Rachel Platter and Ryan Bayer are under contract to purchase the house across the street from the school (where the kudzu is located). They have relocated from Hawaii. Ryan does construction and can donate time.

The last committee meeting was held in July 2016. Minutes were distributed. A correction to the minutes was requested. In the fourth sentence of the Construction paragraph, change the phrase “due to the windows” to “damage to the windows.” All present approved the minutes with the correction.

Alumni Update: Fatimah mentioned that the group should have received another payment for a window for the Stokely/Ray family. Marilyn King [provided/plans to submit] a $300 donation and is trying to get family members to attend the family reunion scheduled during the weekend of Sept 2-3. The group will set up a tent on Sunday to do tours, starting at 10AM until the end of the day. Les would like to help with this effort. Andy informed the group that Oralene will buy a window within the next few weeks.

There was a discussion on the placement of plaques. Dan measured the window panes, and they are 10” x 10”. The plaques are 4.5” x 6”. Placement of plaques will depend on the size of the window facings. They may be placed on the wall in the facings are too narrow. The plan is to place them at eye level. Every window will be noted at homecoming with paper inscriptions, plaques will not be available. The committee agreed to use “Century Schoolbook” font on plaques; however, no decision on the plaque type was made. The inscriptions for Mars Hill University and French Broad EMC were read. Willa will follow up with the French Broad EMC inscription so that the name Stokely is added.

Need to prepare “Share your story” pamphlets for alumni. Should include a new picture of the school house with windows in place; a “now” vs. “then” photo

Construction: The ramps and steps will be installed before homecoming. The end steps will be wooden with railing due to code. Rails will be pipe as recommended by the NC Division of Historic Resources.

A contract for window painting has been issued. There were two bids:

  • A: $5,000: three coats; bidder wanted to take windows out
  • B: $1,800: three coats; primer + 1 coat (now), complete 2nd coat when inside is finished; covers both inside and outside windows

Bidder B has a contract with Madison County Schools. The maintenance director of the schools has been pleased with the quality of the firm’s work. The firm is Latino-owned and based out of Spruce Pine. The school will purchase materials (2 gal of primer, 2 gal of paint). Could be covered under painting contract with school.

The next major job will be working on the siding on the addition and the two outside doors. They could be completed before homecoming if additional funding comes in.

There was a question about using linseed oil. David mentioned that is not a part of the scope of work for the windows. Scraping may be needed, which can be done by the committee.

Approximately $75,000 is needed to complete construction. The ramps/steps will cost $4,000.

Dan has had one workday since the last meeting. The next one will be on a Saturday so that more people can participate. David has been talking with the city about the water line. Dan is still looking for doors. The university may demolish the Old Huff House, and there may be materials that the group can use for the school.

Fundraising: The committee has a proposal in-house for funding through the State Employees Credit Union.

Budget Review: Willa discussed the audit process for official receipts. Willa or David’s name be on the school’s register for cash donations deposited at the school; however, the in the memo/notes section will identify from whom the donations originates.

Willa is working to schedule an appointment with the school superintendent to provide information on the school project. She will inform the committee once the meeting is scheduled so that others can attend. The state has approved the county’s e-rate plan, and it is now moving to the federal level. The school is a part of the e-rate grant package.

The DHR received a grant the National Park Service that covers hiring a consultant to complete a National Register form for the school. The committee needs to schedule time to sort through all the materials it has before the consultant comes. Lauren mention that the focus should be primary sources like documents, video interviews, history committee reports from meeting minutes.

General updates:

Oralene’s brother, Thomas Kilgro, passed away last night (August 11), which is why she was unable to attend the committee meeting today.

Cameron Huntley, who did an extension article on the school, was murdered during an overseas mission trip. A memorial statement was read to the committee.

Simone has relocated to Florida to be with her parents. She will help from afar. Lauren will record the minutes in the interim.


Meeting adjourned at 11:32 AM