Grants Meeting: July 11, 2014

Anderson Rosenwald Project
Grants Committee Meeting
Minutes from Friday, July 11, 2014

The Grants Committee met on Friday, July 11, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. at Mt. Olive Church.

Attending were: Willa & David Wyatt, Sandra Tolley, Forrest Gilliam, Bobbie Tousey, Les Reker,
and Simone Bouyer. The group discussed funding opportunities.

The Land-of-Sky grant submitted last year didn’t receive funding. Martha Peterson and Mark Meadows, her assistant, are checking checked into the grant. Bernie Edwards suggested we contact April Riddle, the governor’s assistant. Willa has contacted her.

Wilma Sherill is also interested in the project. Bernie Edwards, who sells windows, can provide an estimate for vinyl clad windows, not wood.

Sandra reports that there is not much out there for rehabilitation grants. We missed the Save America’s Treasures grant (April 2013).

The National Trust of Historic Preservation offers regional grants. Kathryn Carey is the contact. Our group would need to join the trust’s Main Street program, which costs $250, in order to submit grant applications. Can Madison County schools pay this fee for us? Some small grants ($5,000) are available if we are members of Main Street.

The MHARSP is using Madison County School’s 501c3 status. Madison County Schools handles the maintenance, insurance and upkeep of the school. What if the memorandum of understanding between the MHARSP and Madison County schools changes? Can we renew? The costs for upkeep of the school are minor for Madison County schools. These costs would be major for any one of us, or our supporters and partners. It will take at least three months to get our 501c3 status. David and Willa have provided funding for this project so far. Donations of time, materials, and experience have been provided by members of the committee.

Willa drafted a cover letter for the promotions kit. The one change is to use the word rehabilitation instead of restoration.

Madison County manages the old rock school in Mars Hill. The Mars Hill Community Club was associated with the rock school. Not sure if the group is still active or in existence. The rehabilitated Rosenwald school could be used for meetings of the Mars Hill Community Club. Funds are available for community clubs from WNC communities. Ross Young at the cooperative extension office is the contact. Can our group be a club? Funding is available for special projects. Good for leveraging grants if we can say our project is supported by local government.

The county is looking at uses for the rock school. The Mars Hill Community Center became a day care center. The Mars Hill Community Club is a 501c3 organization. Can copies be found of their bylaws, articles of incorporation or mission? Can we contact or partner with the Mars Hill Community Club? Their mission may cover the use of the rock school and the Rosenwald school. The county may want to use the rock school for the early college program.

We need to find at least one person who was involved with the Mars Hill Community Club. A notice could be placed in the paper. It’s been at least four years since the club was active. Carol Coble, now deceased, was the chair. Bobbie can search for details. Forrest will check with Ross Young.

The next grant meeting will be held Friday, July 25 at the Rural Life Museum. (Note: meeting date changed in late July to Thursday, July 31 at 10:00 AM at the Rural Life Museum.)

The meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Simone Bouyer