Minutes for March 8, 2013

Anderson Rosenwald Project Planning Committee Meeting
DRAFT Minutes for March 8, 2013


The Anderson Rosenwald Project Planning Committee held its meeting of March 8, 2013, in the basement fellowship hall of Mt. Olive Baptist Church..

Attending were: Joy Kish, Ben Morel, Kay Meyers, Dan Slagle, Scott Donald, David and Willa Wyatt, Ryan and Teresa Phillips, Judy Futch, Charity Ray, Sandra Tolley, Richard Dillingham, Ray and Dorothy Rapp, and Simone Bouyer.

Willa Wyatt, committee chair, opened the meeting at approximately 10 am.

Joy Kish oversees strategic initiatives at Mars Hill College. Ben Morel is with the Land of the Sky, Block Grant funding. Kay Meyers is with the Heritage and Tourism Commission. Their theme for 2014 is African American History. Banners would be provided by the Commission.

Teresa and Ryan Phillips have completed a video promoting the project. The video is posted on the website, www.andersonrosenwaldschool.com.

On April 12 & 13 the committee is invited to tour two Rosenwald schools located in Columbia SC. Workshops are planned. The cost to attend is $100 for the entire committee. Conference calls will be scheduled at 30, 60, and 120 days after the workshop to discuss how the project is going.

The history committee is working on reviewing census records from 1910-1950. Richard Dillingham is publishing a book on the history of our area.

Fatima’s mother, Mary Jane, taught at the Mars Hill Rosenwald School. Her husband, Levi, is 108 years old.

WLOS did a special on the Rosenwald School in Brevard.

Judy Futch presented a draft of the Strategic Plan for the Anderson Rosenwald Planning committee. The 12 page plan included: history of the project, progress to date, mission, vision, and guiding principles. Goals for the project included: strategic direction; educating the community, developing local relationships, outreach, developing organizational structure; developing a finance plan; establishing partnerships. The plan also included a list of participants and contributors to date.

Input from the community resulted in the theme “Our Story, this Place.” And “This Place Matters!”

Notes regarding the plan: Melanie Anderson is leading the state networking group for the Rosenwald Schools. She could provide help with basic board structure. The project title needs to be consistent: The Long Ridge Community Anderson Rosenwald School. What is the structure of the organization? A board and bylaws are needed. 501c3 status is needed. The Madison County Board of Education needs to be recognized as the property holders.

The community will hold a reunion in September, on Labor Day weekend, at Mt. Olive Church.

The next meeting of the Rosenwald Project Planning Committee was planned for Friday, April 19, at the Department of Cultural Resources, Riceville Road in Asheville, across from the VA Hospital.


Respectfully submitted,

Simone Bouyer, filling in for Teresa Buckner, Secretary