Interview: Omar Lewis McClain

What is your age? 65

Where did you live when attending the school? Marshall

What did you call the school at the time you attended? Mars Hill school

Attended the school in the 50’s.

What grades did you attend there (1 – ?)? 1-5

About how many students were there when you attended? 30

Do you remember any of the teachers names? Mary Wilson

Did you attend this school with students from outside your local community? No

Did you attend another school before or after this school? Yes, after
If yes, where are these schools located? Hill Street, Asheville

How did you get to school (mode of transportation)? School bus

How many classrooms were in the main building? 2

If more than one, how were they separated? Wall

How was the building heated – wood, coal, etc.? Wood, coal

How many stoves were there? 1

Were there restroom facilities? Were they inside or outside? Outside

Tell us about recess. Was there a playground? Yes