Interview: Fatimah Rashida Shabazz

Where did you live when attending the school? Asheville

What did you call (name) the school at the time you attended?
Mars Hill School

Did you attend the school in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s? 50s

What grades did you attend there (1 – ?)? 3-Jan

“I remember the focus of the teachers regarding educating the students and as much toward the creative arts. It was an awesome experience, I am grateful for the experiences.”

How was the building heated – wood, coal, etc.?
Pot Belly Wood Stove

About how many students were there when you attended?
Approximately 20 students from Mars Hill & Marshall.

Did you attend another school before or after this school?
If yes, where are these schools located?
Both in Asheville: Livingston Street School, Hill Street School.

Do you remember any of the teachers names?
“Yes, Mrs. Mary H. Wilson & Ms. Frances Owens.

Were other functions or events held at the school?
Yes, Plays & Musicals.