Strategic Planning Discussion – October 2012

Anderson Rosenwald Committee (ARC)

Fellowship Hall, Mount Olive Baptist Church

October 19, 2012 ~ Talking Points

 Members Present:  Judy Futch, Theresa Phillips, Ryan Phillips, Richard Dillingham, Dorothy Rapp, David Wyatt, Willa Wyatt, Pauline Cheek, Edwin R. Cheek, Dan Slagle, Caroline Twiggs, Bob Zink, Dorothy Coone, Charity Ray

Strategic Planning Discussion:  Judy Futch led this discussion and reviewed  two informative pieces of information provided to the group. (1) Overview, What is Strategic Planning? And (2) WHAT EVERY NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION NEEDS

Judy shared with the group that she and her husband, Paul Smith, were willing to volunteer their leadership to assist in developing the Strategic Plan for the ARC.  Judy requested that we select a Core Committee to begin working on the Strategic Plan.  Judy advised that she and Paul would look at their calendars and give us a date when the plan development could begin.

Core Committee Selected:  History:  Richard Dillingham, alternate, Dan Slagle; Media Relations/Web Page: Teresa Buckner, alternate, Theresa Phillips; Fund Raising: Will Hoffman; alternate _______________; Construction:  David Wyatt, alternate, Scott Donald,: Community/Alumni Relations:  Charity Ray, alternate, Fatimah R. Shabazz; Chair:  Willa Wyatt, Member at Large:  Caroline Twiggs.

First Meeting Date for Core Committee:  Monday, December 3, 2:00 PM, Place TBA

Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Corporation:  Richard gave a packet of valuable information.

Discussion of whether students from Yancey County ever attended the Anderson School.  Dan shared information related to July, 1956 Board meeting concerning Yancey County students coming.

Theresa and Ryan Phillips shared their interest in the project and their willingness to film meetings, gatherings and functions related to the school to be made into a documentary for the Anderson Rosenwald School.

Caroline Twiggs talked about the Oral History Project her students will be conducting.  Names were given for interviews:  Charity Ray, Dorothy Coone, Omar McClain, Alonzo Ray, Fatimah Shabazz, Eugene Jones, Jewel Church, Helen Moore.

Richard discussed protocol for documenting the interviews.  Theresa and Ryan agreed to film and record the interviews.

Willa shared that she would be attending a Rosenwald Network Meeting in Raleigh on Saturday, December 15 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM.  It was suggested that David could visit the Archives and look for missing pieces.  Dan will advise further.